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Thanks for making our design community so great over the years

Compass of Design was an online design community that worked together to make getting feedback on design work more accessible and improving the skills of everyone involved.
While our community has closed down, we're keeping our resources up for as long as we can

This was a great platform to use for honest conversations around improving yourself as a designer

Our community chat platform

Members could connect and chat instantly with some of the best designers all across the globe

Get great design feedback by sharing your work

We shared our work to get actionable feedback on how to improve our design and client management skills

Participate in the community events and get some great gear in the process.

We spent almost 2 years participating in community events, challenges, mastermind sessions, and more

How did it get started?

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Being a perpetual student

Hey there! I'm Darian Rosebrook, I am a Digital Product Designer and the founder of Compass of Design.

I've been a self-taught designer since 2015, where I learned how to design through community-created resources, countless hours of practice, and by doing increasingly more challenging projects with clients and companies over the years.

My mission is to help equip designers with the skills they need to defeat their impostor syndrome and start designing with confidence. While we closed our community down in 2022, we want to continue to share our resources here. It is still my goal to share what I know and help other designers get closer to mastering their craft.

We have resources here on this site and over at the Compass of Design Publication, where you can learn more about the things we used to teach within our design community.

I'll truly miss hanging out with these great people.

Here are some things that people have said about their time in the Compass of Design community.

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Juliane B
For the longest time I felt like I was in a bubble concerning design interaction. This community has completely revamped my outlook on the industry. I would say the most help in my career has come from relationships and resources I’ve found at Compass of Design

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Tyrel C.
Being a part of Compass of Design has really inspired me to get more into designing. Being primarily a developer, the content I see within this community push me farther and urge me to be a better designer. Not only is Darian incredibly active among the community members, giving advice, reviews, helpful resources, he is in general, an incredible guy. Being a member of this community has definitely been a fantastic choice.

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Manuel O.
The value behind “Compass of Design” goes beyond the newsletters. The community Darian has built contributes to what can be learned through feedback and other resources. The thought-provoking newsletters and the feedback I’ve received, has helped me improved my designs, and become more intentional with my design decisions.

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Michael W

Interactive Media Designer

For me Compass of Design was a no-brainer to join in. I knew Darian the founder from another project and I was really into the idea of a community of designers to exchange ideas, get better design feedback and talk about god and the world.

Compass of Design is that for me, a place of good people, many of them I would consider friends by now, who exchanges, talks and motivates another. Or just to share a silly video now and then.

I had the opportunity to write my first div on Medium under the Compass of Design brand. Something I never even dreamt about something like that. Thank you Darian & the whole group.

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Dan C

Ui/Web Designer

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Juliane B

Brand Identity Designer

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Manuel O

Design Student

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Tyrel C

Web Developer

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Skip J

UX Designer

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Andrew K

UX & UI Designer, Web Developer

The Compass of Design cards, pins, and stickers

Thanks again for all involved

It was a truly great experience getting to hang out with you all!
There are plans for much more as we continue to grow.

If you are interested in keeping tabs on things that I'm working on next, please check out Paths.Design

I plan on having some new resources around career growth and resources to learn for a large array of different design careers.

Cheers ;)