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Hey designers, it’s time to change how we do design feedback.

Compass of Design is an online design community that makes it easy for designers like you to get actionable feedback on what you’re working on.

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Michael W's avatar

Michael W

Interactive Media Designer

For me Compass of Design was a no-brainer to join in. I knew Darian the founder from another project and I was really into the idea of a community of designers to exchange ideas, get better design feedback and talk about god and the world.

Compass of Design is that for me, a place of good people, many of them I would consider friends by now, who exchanges, talks and motivates another. Or just to share a silly video now and then.

I had the opportunity to write my first div on Medium under the Compass of Design brand. Something I never even dreamt about something like that. Thank you Darian & the whole group.

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Learn from Smart People

Boost your creative power by spending your time around like-minded designers.

Whether you're a design student, or a design leader, designing on your own is not an easy task.

Designers like you are looking for the perfect place to get feedback on the designs they're working on.

Spend less time learning the hard way and leverage the experience of others.

Your time is a precious thing, so why would you chance going months or years in the wrong direction?

Whether you have questions on how to handle client work, how to interview for design jobs, what to improve on your design work, or needing resources to improve your skills, many members inside the community have been in your shoes at some point in their journey.

Let the Compass of Design community be the thing that points you in the direction you need to go in order to get back on track in your design career.

Daniel C's avatar

Dan C

Ui/Web Designer

Juliane B's avatar

Juliane B

Brand Identity Designer

Manuel O's Avatar

Manuel O

Design Student

Tyrel C's Avatar

Tyrel C

Web Developer

Skip J's avatar

Skip J

UX Designer

Andrew K's avatar

Andrew K

UX & UI Designer, Web Developer

Receive better design feedback through our design community

Quick and Actionable results

You could spend a lot of money on business coaching, a lot of time in design mentorship, and a lot of energy at figuring things out by yourself. However, not everyone has access or direction to improve their design skills.

We're focused on pointing designers in the right direction.

A compass of design

By joining the group, you get access to people who can give actionable insights of ways to improve a specific design, personalize resources recommended to you, or even empathy for what you may be going through. This group has been built by helping others grow as designers. What you'll find is that you'll get better feedback here than other places and by helping give feedback to others, you also begin to grow as a designer.

The Compass of Design cards, pins, and stickers

Community Exclusive Bonuses

The Community Publication

Each week, we post some of the best content written by the community members to our design publication. These divs come from our experiences, research, and practice as designers.

The publication is here for community members to share their voice to a specific design audience to help empower other designers along the way.

Community Exclusive Gifts

There's tons of new products, courses, and resources being added specifically for community members before the end of the year. Alongside community membership, you'll be added to the newsletter to get community updates, early access to other products, and design training in your emails each week.

There are plans for much more as we continue to grow.

We're always working on improving the platform to make this experience one of the best for you.

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Julaine B's testimonial avatar
Juliane B
For the longest time I felt like I was in a bubble concerning design interaction. This community has completely revamped my outlook on the industry. I would say the most help in my career has come from relationships and resources I’ve found at Compass of Design

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Tyrel C's avatar
Tyrel C.
Being a part of Compass of Design has really inspired me to get more into designing. Being primarily a developer, the content I see within this community push me farther and urge me to be a better designer. Not only is Darian incredibly active among the community members, giving advice, reviews, helpful resources, he is in general, an incredible guy. Being a member of this community has definitely been a fantastic choice.

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Manuel O's avatar
Manuel O.
The value behind “Compass of Design” goes beyond the newsletters. The community Darian has built contributes to what can be learned through feedback and other resources. The thought-provoking newsletters and the feedback I’ve received, has helped me improved my designs, and become more intentional with my design decisions.

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Darian Rosebrook's avatar

From someone committed to design excellence

Hey there! I'm Darian Rosebrook, I'm a Brand Identity Designer and the founder of Compass of Design.

I've been a self-taught designer since 2015 as someone who runs their own design agency on the side. I've worked with startups, established businesses, and many other clients to achieve their goals.

My mission is to help equip designers with the skills they need to defeat impostor syndrome and start designing with confidence. My commitment to you designers is to continue to share what I know and help other designers get closer to mastering their craft.

My writing has been featured in all sorts of places, but you can find a list of everything we've made for you over at the Compass of Design Publication, where you can learn more about the things we teach within our design community.

Questions? Use our contact form to get in touch! I'd be happy to answer any questions you have.

30 day moneyback guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

We believe this community can help you start becoming more confident in your skills as a designer.

With everything out there in the world, it can be hard to get a defined path for your design career that meets you where you are at. We feel strongly that this material is worth the investment in yourself. There is a lot of effort from each member of the group, a lot stemmed from personal experience and our voracious reading appetite.

And if you've spent time here and you’re still not satisfied or don't feel it was worth the investment, just contact us within 30 days of purchase, and we’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

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