Compass of Design is created by So Magnetic as a tool for designers to learn how to overcome imposter syndrome and learn to design with confidence.

Level up your design skills and start charging more for your work

Learn how to market your skills and improve your craft

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Get in the right environment to level up your design skills each week.

As a reader, you'll have access to what we're learning in the Compass of Design Community, along with actionable tips on how to improve your work and your marketability.

And tons of resources shared from people in our design community.

“The thought-provoking newsletters and the feedback I've received, has helped me improve my designs, and become more intentional with my design decisions.”

— Manuel

“Darian provides a constructive, yet energizing and fun environment through his Slack channel, and delivers professional, original ideas through his newsletter.”

— Andrew

Darian Rosebrook from Compass of Design

So who made all of this?

Why make a new resource platform for designers?

My name is Darian, I’m a Brand Identity Designer from the Pacific Northwest.

My mission is to empower other designers with the skills and resources they need to defeat impostor syndrome and start designing with confidence.

I started the Compass of Design because I wanted to fix the gaps in design education.

People are trying their hardest to run creative freelancing businesses, trying to market their skills and products, and level up their design skills. I wanted to help them with that.

If you are someone who is just learning the principles of design or someone who's going back to master them, going out there alone is not an easy task. Designers like you are looking for the perfect place to get feedback on the design work they're doing.

Let the Compass of Design community point you in the direction you need to go in order to level up in your design career.