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Limited Edition Compass of Design Gear

Community bonus only

The first community bonus for membership. I'll be sending these out to members of the Compass of Design Community as a thank you for being a part of the group. You'll get 2 limited edition enamel lapel pins and a pack of stickers for free. If you sign up for Compass of Design Community Membership, this is included for free that I will send you. If you're in the community already, please message me for details.

Get Access for Included with Membership
Making faster design decisions

CoD Community Membership Pins

Custom design hard enamel pins. Since this is the first run, the designs might have slight variations from image, but I'm keeping it as close to design as possible.

Making faster design decisions

Highest quality materials

Coupled with high quality, custom designed, letterpressed backing cards from Rise and Shine Letterpressing.

Making faster design decisions

Community Stickers

Just a bit of visual punny-ness and stuff that we thought would be cool to add to the sticker pack.

I'd love to see the kinds of things you're working on

If you use these in any of your projects, let me know on twitter!

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