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Freelancer's Design Proposal

Start projects faster

Quickly create professional design proposals in an instant. You can save tons of time not having to design your proposals every time. Having a reuseable template will not only help you close clients faster, but make sure that you're proposals are hitting all the points a client needs.

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Making faster design decisions

Nearly every part is editable

Fields where there are brackets allow you to change all the info in there. I wanted this to be as editable as possible so you can custom tailor this to each client.

Making faster design decisions

Choose the versions you want.

There are several options to choose. If you want a fillable pdf version to use without the need for personal branding, you can choose to use it. If you need to customize it, the source files will be available below.

I'd love to see the kinds of things you're working on

If you use these in any of your projects, let me know on twitter!

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