Solid foundation in design priniciples

Marketing Yourself as a Designer

A course for those who are trying to make it out there as a designer

People will make a split second decision on whether to continue looking further into your work. You want to make sure you are marketing your skills as effectively as possible to tip that decision in your favor.

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Making faster design decisions

Start gaining traction with your portfolio

One of the biggest points of having a portfolio in the first place is to get leads on new work opportunities.

Whether you are a freelance designer, an design agency or startup, or looking to find a more gainful employment with a company, your biggest asset is being discoverable, and converting visitors to new leads.

We'll work on this together and give you actionable steps to make sure your portfolio is working for you.

Just the E-guide

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A guide to marketing yourself better as a designer

The best guide to making sure that you're marketing yourself the best you can as a designer. We cover topics well beyond just being a better creative. We go over how to audit your portfolio, your social media game, and even some tips on analyzing the traffic to all of your different channels.

This guide will have action steps that will help you get further towards being a master at marketing your skills and your portfolio.

Enrollment opens in March 2018

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The Master class

Video guides to accelerate your progress

For every chapter in the guide, you get 3 in depth videos that outline the steps, further explaining on topics, and introducing more ideas with each part.

Each video has actionable components as well as examples to use throughout the course.

You'll also have access to the Compass of Design Community and the replays of the Marketing as a Designer Webinar

Enrollment opens in March 2018

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Class + Personal Coaching

All of the other tiers plus 3 personal coaching calls

You are serious about becoming a better designer. You may already have goals and plans, or you need some help finding direction. You are going to get personalized coaching in order to grow your skills as a designer. You'll receive everything in the other tiers with direct access to me and three separate hour long coaching calls.

These calls can be scheduled on your own time and we'll cover the material in the course as well as personal coaching to plan your path.

Enrollment opens in March 2018

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I'd love to see the kinds of things you're working on

If you use these in any of your projects, let me know on twitter!

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