Compass of Design is created by So Magnetic as a tool for designers to learn how to overcome imposter syndrome and learn to design with confidence.

Stop getting stuck in the same creative ruts.

The Compass of Design Community makes it easy to get answers and insights on how to get back on track and level up your skills.

Solid foundation in design priniciples

Getting to the next level of your design career...

Boost your creative power by getting around other designers who can help you move forward.

If you are someone who is just learning the principles of design or someone who's going back to master them, going out there alone is not an easy task. Designers like you are looking for the perfect place to get feedback on the design work they're doing.

A community of talented and hard-working designers can fix that.

Your time is a precious thing, so why would you chance going months or years in the wrong direction?

Whether you have questions on how to handle client work, how to interview for design jobs, what to improve on your design work, or needing resources to improve your skills, many members inside the community have been in your shoes.

Let the Compass of Design community point you in the direction you need to go in order to level up in your design career.

What are people saying about the community?


Being a part of Compass of Design has really inspired me to get more into designing. Being primarily a developer, the content I see within this community push me farther and urge me to be a better designer.

Not only is Darian incredibly active among the community members, giving advice, reviews, helpful resources, he is in general, an incredible guy. Being a member of this community has definitely been a fantastic choice.

Find me at: KeySpark


For me Compass of Design was a no-brainer to join in. I knew Darian the founder from another project and I was really into the idea of a community of designers to exchange ideas, get feedback and talk about god and the world.

Compass of Design is that for me, a place of good people, many of them I would consider friends by now, who exchanges, talks and motivates another. Or just to share a silly video now and then.

I had the opportunity to write my first article on Medium under the Compass of Design brand. Something I never even dreamt about something like that. Thank you Darian & the whole group.

Find me at: My Website


Being apart of a community, such as Compass of Design, is really fullfilling for myself. The ability to give and recieve honest feedback from and to other new, seasoned, or simply intersted designers is a beneficial element for building more skills in the field.

Darian provides a construcive, yet energizing and fun environment through his Slack channel, and delivers professional, original ideas through his newsletter.

I believe that anyone who joins this stellar community will build connections, skillsets, and lifelong friendships with other like-minded designers, developers, and hobbiests, as well as building a personal connection with the Founder of Compass of Design, Darian.

Find me at: A. Krause Designs

Making faster design decisions

Learn from Smart People

What you get out of a community is what you put into it.

The community is open 24/7. We have a growing group of people from all around the world sharing work they've done and giving feedback to others. These are like-minded individuals who are focused on becoming better at design themselves, so should you have any questions, our members are ready to share their feedback based on their experience, expertise, and creative strengths.

This group functions like an active chat where you are able to do: Q&A threads; share gifs, code, links, and images; and create message threads to go further into topics.

Making faster design decisions

Design Feedback

As a designer, one of the hardest things to get is feedback that is actually helpful for your design work and portfolio.

How is this different than posting to social media or media sites like Dribbble, Behance, or Instagram?

You actually get to know these people and they get to know you and your strengths. If you've tried posting to Dribbble or Behance looking for feedback on your work recently, you might notice the same 10 people liking your shot immediately or the random comments coming in saying “looks good! you should check out my new logo.”

This chat is free of bot likes, spam comments, and unhelpful responses. 

When you join, you immediately have access to get the right feedback on what you are doing. The group is built around helping others grow as designers. What you'll find is that not only does seeking feedback help you get better at design, but giving good feedback helps you grow as well.

Making faster design decisions

Community Bonuses:

The Community Publication

Each week, we post some of the best content from the community members to the design publication. These articles come from our experiences, research, and practice as designers.

The publication is here for community members to share their voice and help empower other designers along the way.

Community Exclusive stuff

There's tons of new products, courses, and resources being added for free specifically for community members before the end of the year. Along side community membership, you'll be added to the newsletter to get community updates, early access to other products, and design training in your emails each week.

There are plans for much more as we continue to grow.

We're always working on improving the platform to make this experience one of the best for you.

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What are people saying about the community?


The value behind “Compass of Design” goes beyond the newsletters.

The community Darian has built contributes to what can be learned through feedback and other resources.

The thought-provoking newsletters and the feedback I’ve received, has helped me improved my designs, and become more intentional with my design decisions.

Find me at: MKDesignz


For the longest time I felt like I was in a bubble concerning design interaction.

This community has completely revamped my outlook on the industry. I would say the most help in my career has come from relationships and resources I’ve found at Compass of Design

Find me at: My Website

Present your design with confidence.

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We believe this community can help you start becoming more confident in your skils as a designer.

With everything out there in the world, it can be hard to get a defined path for your design career that meets you where you are at. We feel strongly that this material is worth the investment in yourself. There is a lot of effort from each member of the group, a lot stemmed from personal experience and our voracious reading appetite.

And if you've spent time here and you’re still not satisfied or don't feel it was worth the investment, just contact us within 30 days of purchase, and we’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

Solid foundation in design priniciples

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