Compass of Design is created by So Magnetic as a tool for designers to learn how to overcome imposter syndrome and learn to design with confidence.

Learn to design with confidence

Equip yourself with the skills you need to defeat imposter syndrome and start becoming a more confident designer.

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Design with Confidence Course

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Having to act quickly to make design decisions is a difficult thing to do. Huge agencies and masters of the design community are capable at making huge strides in the industry. The precision these masters of design have when creating their work can make you feel like reaching that level is impossible.

And hey, maybe right now what you know is not good enough. Maybe you don't feel confident enough to get into the action at the same level. By joining the Compass of Design and starting along the path, you can feel less vulnerable and start becoming a better designer.

This course is a series of modules built to help you think and act the same way experienced designers do, but on your terms. You will start to pioneer your own path.

Every pioneer needs a tool to point them in the right direction. This pioneer tool for you is the Compass of Design

What can you do with these skills?

Making faster design decisions

Increase Speed

Helping you make faster design decisions

Learn to make decisions faster by having processes that keep your time and resources in check. Cut down on the time it takes to go between Idea to Execution. You can battle this and spend less time thinking what you might do and actually start designing.

Solid foundation in design priniciples

Build Foundations

Laying down solid ground work with proven design principles

Build up your foundation by practicing design principles. Each one of them help build a list of patterns and best practices to keep your design grounded and steady when someone comes trying to knock it down.

defeat imposter syndrome by getting rid of anxiety

Combat Anxiety

Leaving imposter syndrome behind

Everything you learn here will be a step closer to being 100% capable of doing great work. The more you practice these skills, the more confident you can be knowing that your design is constructed well. You'll have access to other members to talk and help guide each other too. No matter what, you're not alone.

Present your design with confidence.

Present Confidently

Teaching you to present your design decisions with confidence

After practicing more with these skills and resources your design decisions should be based on fact, data, best practices, design principles and lots of research. Nail your pitch, market your skills, and land that job through practice and iteration. When you start to present your design, you will have the support of all of the skills that you earned.

Course E-book

30 day money back guarantee

9 Written Modules, 12 Practice Problems, 6 Design Briefs

You are an avid reader, you work through design articles all the time and receive a lot of value out of it. These guides help you with that by allowing you to view and learn from the content in written form. You will see plenty of examples on how to grow your design skills.

9 written guides to help you start your journey as a designer. You'll receive in depth guides as well as worksheets and practice briefs to help kickstart your path to becoming a more confident designer.

All modules here are expanded upon in the video course bundle. You can choose to upgrade at any time after purchasing. Just let us know.

Each tier gets access to the Compass of Design Community

Enrollment opens in July of 2017


Master Class

9 Modules, 30 Videos, More Design Briefs, 3 webinars

Learn to design with confidence by solidifying your knowledge of the guiding principles of design.

You are a pioneer, one of the self start designers. You want to forge your own path, but you might not know where to start. You've been watching countless tutorials but need to do something to improve your skills. Start leveling up your design skills with this video course

Each video has actionable components as well as examples to use throughout the course.

Start making better design decisions faster with practice and processes. Find your direct process to finishing designs early and on time.

Start becoming a master of your craft and leave imposter syndrome in the dust.

You'll get a secret spot in the community to talk about goals as well as participate in 4 separate webinars to track progress and keep you motivated.

Each tier gets access to the Compass of Design Community

Enrollment opens in July of 2017


Course + Coaching

Get the book and video course with 4 personal coaching calls.

You are serious about becoming a better designer. You may already have goals and plans, or you need some help finding direction. You are going to get personalized coaching in order to grow your skills as a designer.

You'll receive everything in the other tiers with direct access to me and four separate hour long coaching calls.

These calls can be scheduled on your own time and we'll cover the material in the course as well as personal coaching to plan your path.

Each tier gets access to the Compass of Design Community

Enrollment opens in July of 2017

This tier is only limited for a short period

Present your design with confidence.

Money Back Guarantee

We believe this course can help you start becoming more confident as a designer.

There is a lot of effort going into the material of this course, a lot stemmed from personal experience and a viscious reading appetite. With everything out there in the world, it can be hard to get a dignified path of what you should or shouldn't learn. We feel strongly that this material is worth the investment in yourself.

If you’re not satisfied or don't feel it was worth the investment, just contact us within 30 days of purchase, and we’ll refund your money. No questions asked.